Thursday, March 22, 2018

French Pharmacie Success Story

Could I interest you in a haul video

As an Argentinian I don't have a Sephora anywhere near, nor do I have access to Caudalie on a regular basis. So you can understand the excitement when I found myself in a French Pharmacie and in Sephora Paris.  

The story goes like this. We had been walking all morning in Paris. We had just had lunch at Cafe de la Paix  near L'Opera when I look up and see the biggest Pharmacy. 

I had a few things on my mind that I wanted to get but when I got in I was surprised by the prices. I had never seen a Caudalie offer,  buy two pay for one, what? So I took advantage of the offers and the results are in this video.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Beautiful Hotel in The Italian Alpes - HOTEL HERMITAGE CERVINIA

*That's me taking a pic of my boys playing in the snow. Thanks for taking this picture dad! You've always had my back.

During my stay in Breuil-Cervinia, I felt like being in a magical place. After all, this is what we want all vacations to feel like, right?

This was the case. Everything turned out more than fine.


The place is really a ski paradise. The best snow everyday, all the time. The atmosphere is lovely, relaxed, family oriented, and cool.

The most perfect snow was always there for skiers to enjoy in the gorgeous Alpes. 

The Hotel

Oh! Where to begin...

What stroke me as interesting and cool at the same time, was the combination of cozy cabin vibe with modern luxury, all in one. 

You get the mountain warmth in the lobby and common facilities while your room is modern and with everything, and I mean everything you could possibly need to make your stay comfortable and fun.

What's most special about the Hermitage Cervinia is that the owners make a point of supervising everything, which is quite a unique thing, considering this is not a bed and breakfast.

It is actually a luxury hotel with a cuisine that has nothing to envy 3 Michelin star restaurants. It's even better, if you add to the equation the kindness, friendliness, and professionalism of the headwaiter, and waiters.

The Chef makes delicious top quality dishes. Food was amazing, to say the 

Rooms are spacious, super clean and modern. You'll see everything in the video.

My family and I had such a lovely time there. Definitely a hotel and place to recommend, and that I hope I can return to some day. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Travel Skincare Routine in Rome

*My super comfy travel outfit...

Here's my first European Vacation post! This trip was exactly what the Doctor ordered and what my soul needed! I had the best time there! 

I'm forever grateful for having the opportunity to spend the month of February visiting vibrant Europe.

Today I'm including my Rome vlog which has A LOT of skincare in it. 

Have you ever tried this Kiehl's mask? I tested it while in Rome, and made my skin look so much better, I thought it made a difference at the time but going through the footage when I was editing really reminded me how much it made my skin glow  * mental note, apply mask tonight*

As promised in the vlog below here's a wide pic of the Vatican.

What an amazing place. 

* The Colosseum 

*Alitalia deserves another blog post. What a nice airline.Great service!

Pizza was delicious of course, but look at that Trevi Fountain...

I would really need to write a longer post to fully show you how much I enjoyed this City. For now, I will let my vlog do the talking. Hope you like it!


P.S. Have you ever been to Rome? What was your favorite memory there?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

"Much To Learn You Still Have, My Young Padawan..."

I've had the opportunity to get my hands on the Real Techniques Sponges before but, to be honest, never was brave enough to justify the price for a simple sponge. 

At least, that's what I thought before returning to Buenos Aires and buying a regular makeup sponge. 

That one ended up being a huge disappointment, to say the least. Which led me to a complete state of repentance. Which in turn made me stronger, and helped me make a life changing decision that goes like this: "Next time, DO splurge in the perfectly-soft-sponge-that-you-cannot-get-in-Buenos Aires!!!"   

So this time around in Europe, I was decided to override my super-ego and just buy the sponge!!! 

With this same principle in mind, I bought Baume de Rose, by Terry.  (Thank you  Anna ) So glad I did! The balm is so luxuriously rich and creamy that the price, although painfully expensive, is completely justified under the terms mentioned above.

Now, if you are a long time user of RT makeup sponges, you might be thinking:

"yep, she understands now" or maybe something along the lines of "much to learn you still have, my young padawan..." And oh my yes. You would be so right!

I bought these two in Sephora the night before leaving Paris, and now, back in Buenos Aires, I have no regrets, no repentance what so ever. I guess you could say "I have grown wiser"

What Would Your Dream Birthday Look Like?

My dream birthday would be the one I had this year, before going to Europe, this past January to be exact.  

I like to think that my Birthday continued through the month of February because I had the best trip ever as well. (More on that in upcoming blog posts).

My Dream Birthday Essentials  

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Bike rides
  • Nature
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Cake
  • And Ravioli! 

It was super laid back and fun. It's all in this video if you are interested to watch.

Plus, my family gave me the best present I could dream of: a new camera that improved so much the quality of my videos. So to sum it up it was the best Birthday I've had in years. 

Don't expect anything fancy. But I enjoyed it so much that I decided to share it with you. I hope you like it too.


P.S. What would your best birthday look like? I'm curious to know. But the one that you would really enjoy, not for others, for you. Let me know!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Back From Europe & a Duty Free Haul

Thank you so much for being so supportive and for keeping in touch with me throughout these amazing trip. You are the best. You made my trip so much more enjoyable and fun. Thanks!

Europe is beautiful! We took long strolls... (London)

I did some research in places such as these...(Lafayette Galleries, Paris)

So you can expect a few more hauls, besides this one, and more blog posts with more detailed information and conclusions on my "research".

It's back to school for us here in Argentina. So you can imagine I've been busy taking care of that and a million other things that "pile up" while you are away (yes, laundry too!)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Excited About the SELF CARE Movement

Hi! I'm still here, in Buenos Aires. We leave in a few days for Europe. 

Apparently, I can't stop writing these days, so here's another post. Maybe it's the idea of knowing that I won't be able to write on my blog for a while. But who knows. Maybe I'll figure out a way while I'm traveling around Europe, so don't think that you'll be getting rid of me that easily.

I posted this picture on Instagram a while ago. It's by Rubytec, a young woman that amazes me. I find her work very inspiring, fun, and true. 

The idea of worrying less and doing less sounds like water in the desert to me, because lately, I've been feeling that we are full of to do lists, and goals, and things we must do, things we should do in order to look a certain way or be a certain way. 

To be healthier, with less fat, less sugar, less (fill in the blank _____), or more muscle, more (fill in the blank _____). For what? For whom? What about what Icould do to take care of me, as a whole person? Brain, spirit, and all!

I think we can work hard towards a goal but we don't need to perish in the attempt. I believe that it's ok to let go of self imposed unattainable high standards. Be healthy, but really healthy, mind and all. Otherwise, I fear we could get lost in the search for that which is not us. Could I interest you in working hard to enjoy the process? 

*watch the video on YouTube here

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My TOP 5 Favorite Perfumes

I'm leaving for Europe in three days, and I'm so excited about this! We will be there for a month so if you don't get a blog post from me during that time, now you know why. I shall see you when I come back home, or if you want to know what I'm up to...

You can follow my trip on my Instagram Stories. And I may upload short vlogs on my YouTube channel as well from my cell phone (whaaaat). I guess what I'm saying is, stick around! 

My top 5 favorite perfumes list may expand when I return and you will be the first ones to know if the list changes. But for now, here's a round up of my current top 5 perfumes.

What perfumes are your favorites? I will be buying a couple soon so please let me know!