Saturday, December 16, 2017

Make Your Favorite Perfume Last Longer

Applying the body lotion that comes with your favorite perfume, right after you have a bath or shower, and then the perfume, makes all the difference. This simple trick will make your perfume last all day. Plus, you'll be getting a semi spa experience! 

At least that's what I thought the other day when I saw the Lancome sets that I show you in this video . I got one for my mom's birthday. She loved it! Plus, this fragrance is so nice and wearable. It's a classic.

When I went to my mom's house to give her the present, I took advantage of the warm weather and went for a bike ride with my boys. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Trying Balayage on my Hair

I've reached that age where you want your childhood hair back. My hair is no longer the same so I decided to contact my colorist. Balayage she said. So that's what I did.

I've always had these natural "dulce de leche" colored highlights growing up. I thought that I would be able to replicate them... Nope, haven't achieved the exact look yet. Maybe next time. I'll keep trying!

If somebody ever creates a dye that activates when in contact with the sun, then that will be the day I get what I want. Until then, Balayage seems to be the answer for me.

Will keep you updated.

Do you have any preferred methods for coloring your hair? Very interested to know.

In this video there's a bit of everything, hairdresser appointments, coffee with friends, and filming.

Have a watch, it's a fun one, I promise.

Thank you!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Self-Care to Prevent Eating Disorders

I'm so excited about the positive changes we are witnessing in social media. I see brands hiring models with more regular body weight, and I'm loving it!

Self care is in and self improvement is out. You don't need to sacrifice that cookie. Enjoy all the foods and strive to be healthy. Not obsessed.

I hope you enjoy the video!


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Take Time To Smell The Flowers.

It's been a hard year, and I decided to end it with grace and self care.  I hope you will feel inspired by this video to take care of yourself and prioritize what matters the most.

Although the photo shows my fragrant jasmines, "taking time to smell the roses" is very crucial for me at this point so that's what I will be doing for the next couple of months. 

To me, that includes spending time with my family, reading, writing on the blog, filming, editing, and uploading YouTube videos! 

I hope you enjoy this update. See you soon!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

What I Eat in a Day & I Have a Soft Spot for Cookies...

Coffee with cookies...

Or with earl grey. I'm always in the mood for cookies.

I collaborated with Lisa at 50 is the new fabulous and she gave me great alternatives for my meals and my cookie eating habit.

Have a watch!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Caudalie Gems

When I filmed this Caudalie Haul I said I would review every item bought. 

Time went by and now it's time to let you know about my favorite ones. I always thought an Empties Video was the best way to learn from really good products. So that's what I did. I filmed an empties video. The eye cream by Caudalie is long gone, but it remains one of my favorites.

I hope you enjoy today's video!  

What's your favorite product from Caudalie? Have you ever tried this brand?

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Argentinian Gaucho-Inspired Runway

For my Argentine Series video I broke down the gaucho style and its influence on global fashion design.

These Donna Karen gaucho pants (above) are the perfect combination of comfort and style. Do you own a pair of trousers like that? I would recommend them. 

Espadrilles come from our gauchos as well! Who knew that the shoes everybody wears here at least once in a lifetime would become so stylish.

And then, my personal favorite: Handbags. Behold! The Gaucho Saddle Bag by Christian Dior.


Below, the gaucho look in all its glory and on the runway. 

I like to think that the Gaucho style is approved by Vogue magazine and here's proof. Here's an article in Vogue from May of this year. It's safe to say that this trend is here to stay and that it's a style in and of itself. 

More about Polo sport, original Gauchos and fashion in today's video. Thank you for watching!

Do you like this style? Would you wear it? I definitely wear Ponchos here.